“Bull Y Los Bufalos” is an International “STUBBORN ROCK” Band direct from Spain. Original Southern Rock songs sung in English and Spanish. Currently based in AUSTIN, TX – USA.  We describe “STUBBORN ROCK,” TM, as Southern Rock in the vein of ZZ Top meets a Robert Rodriquez or Quentin Tarantio soundtrack.


Diego "Bull" Avello  born in Asturias (Spain) is a powerful performer, lead singer, songwriter and producer of the group "Bull y Los Búfalos,”. Bull and his band has played on three continents and with special International Guest Artists.


 After many successful tours in Spain and Mexico, the band decided to move to the US and the “Live Music Capital of the world,” Austin ,TX. They most recently recorded the new single s”Road Less Traveled”,  and a Willie Nelson cover, “Seven Spanish Angels”. After excellent reviews for this new english singles, they recorded a new full English album "Animal" in Mesa Recordind Studios, Austin TX. Produced by Diego “Bull” Avello and Rob Hinton. They had specially colaborations on this production with Raymond McGlamery and LA Lloyd, a famous Rock DJ in EEUU.


Most recently the band played for the NBA’s San Antonio SPURS Game, Texas Rockfest during SXSW 2016 and for Cowboy Harley Davidson during the ROT Rally Bike Austin, TX.


Besides USA, “Bull y Los Bufalos “ played the largest  three biker festivals in Latin America to crowds upwards of 25 thousand people.





"Bull y los Búfalos" is a rock band formed in 2002 in Madrid by recognized musicians from different backgrounds with Bull (Diego Avello) as its frontman.


Bull was born in Cangas del Narcea, Asturias. He formed his first band there and toured across Northern Spain giving numerous concerts under the name of "Dalton Rockers". Later on, he participated at different festivals with the band "Profetas" where he was the lead singer and Jorge Martinez (from "Ilegales") played guitar.


This line up ended after the recording of a LP that never got to see the light. After this, Bull integrated one of the songs to "Bull y los Búfalos"'s repertoire and Jorge Martínez published the complete list of songs with his band "Ilegales".


After leaving "Profetas", Bull decided to move to Madrid. Once in the capital, the 6'6 tall Asturian singer recorded the video for "Héroe de los Gatos" and formed "Bull y los Búfalos" again, along with guitarist Antonio Berdiales "Berdi", bassist Javier Cano (from "La Guardia"), drummer Rodrigo Lopez, and Roberto Collado's harmonica. This line up toured throughout various Spanish stages, while writing several songs together.


In 2007, band members changed completely and finished recording their first LP "¿Quién dijo Miedo?". The recording was performed by both, the newer and previous musicians. The album consisted of eight original songs (lyrics: Bull, music: Bull and Berdi) and two covers: Elvis Presley's "Paralized" and "Motín en la Prisión" (taken from "Profetas" with Jorge from "Ilegales" as collaborator).


The entirely self-produced album was released on October 15th, 2009 under the label "Circular Música", who published and distributed it in stores and online. The showcase took place in Madrid at "La Sal".


After recording the video of one the album's singles, "Alguien Mejor que Yo", an intense tour throughout many Spanish cities and small towns began, managed by band members with the help of booking manager Jaime Ortueta.


There was no doubt that live shows were where the band shone the most.


Guitarists Nico Álvarez (from "La Frontera") and Igor Paskual (from "Los Trogloditas") were featured in this tour.


After finishing the tour in winter of 2010, the band had sold an impressive amount of album copies and had received great media reviews, both in print and digital. The band decided to take advantage of this positive flow and began writing for a second LP.


"Bull y los Búfalos" recorded its second album in Madrid with a more Sourhern Rock style sound and production, introducing pedal steel, dobro, and harmonica to its instrumentation. The LP consisted of seven original songs (lyrics: Bull, music: Bull and R. Bustillo), two covers, and a song featuring Carlos Segarra (from "Los Rebeldes") and Igor Paskual (from "Loquillo y los Trogloditas").


This album was produced by Bull and Miguel Ángel, recorded in Madrid, mixed in Los Angeles by Alberto Sánchez, and mastered in New York by Vlado Meller, one of the top mastering engineers at the time.


In 2014, after recording the LP "Más Tiempo que Vida", Bull moved to Mexico City, where it was published. The band came up with a new line up formed by Mexican musicians and Roberto Collado (harmonica) from the original Spanish band.


This line up worked very well and brought up excellent results and opportunities (several TV and radio appearances: "Radio Reactor" and "40 Principales", and press reviews). Also, Bull was selected to write "Enmascarado", the theme song for "Mundo de Lucha Libre", featured in national TV and radio, and included as a bonus track in the album.


Going to Mexico represented a real success full of appearances at festivals. The band stood out as the most featured at Biker Rock festivals, such as "La Semana de la Moto en Mazatlan" (the largest in Latin America, where it performed twice in front of 20,000 people while sharing the stage with renowned Mexican rock artists), "Love Ride" (sponsored by Harley Davidson), "Moto Fiesta León", "Motorcycle Expo", and other rock and motorcycle events.


In addition to its several tours and concerts at Mexico City's most important nightclubs ("Bulldog" and "El Imperial"), "Bull y los Búfalos" was nominated by "Rock and Road" forum as best live rock band.


Besides numerous press presentations and concerts, two excellent videos directed by "Once Producciones" were shot for the singles: "Me Voy a Echar de Menos" and "Quiero". Both were transmitted in specialized music channels such as "TeleHit" and "Canal Once".


Bull, the lead singer of  the band, at the end of 2015 made the move to Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capitol of The World, and has based the Headquarters in the USA ,with his new American Chapter of Bull y Los Bufalos.


Bull has been very busy since arriving in Austin, he recorded his first songs in English ¨Road Less Traveled,¨and ¨Seven Spanish Angels”,  a Willie Nelson´s cover  at The Bubble Studios and Mesa Recording Studios Austin, TX. After this two first singles, they decided to record a new full album this time complety in English! Recorded again in Mesa Recording Studios and produced by Diego “Bull” Avello and Rob Hinton. Also they had specially colaboratios on the production with Raymond McGlamery and LA LLOyd, famous Rock DJ in USA.


The band played their first show stateside, at The Heart of Texas RockFest, during SXSW 2016. Next up for the band, was a sold out NBA San Antonio SPURS Game, which also featured the band throughtout the game and live broadcast on Fox Sports. The band  recieved lots of great feedback from national and Interrnational journaalists, music reviewrs and the fans after his appearance at the NBA game and on Fox Sports. After this They played for Cowboy Harley Davidson ROT Rally Biker Fest and legendary clubs like Threadgill's in Austin, TX.