Take modern Rock and Roll, mix it with Texas Blues-Rock and a hint of Spaniard flare, you will get an explosive cocktail called "Bull y Los Búfalos".

This Rock band, based in Austin, Texas was founded in Spain by Diego "Bull" Avello who took the road less traveled and brought his music from Europe, to all around Mexico and ultimately to the USA.

With many successful national and international tours, a powerful live performance, songs featured in the globally distributed TV series, "MAYANS MC", three studio albums, several singles and video releases, a live album, Gibson & Epiphone endorsements, music awards... Now, coming out with new EP "Fury" and two music music videos "Dinero Primero" & "This Veil". This new EP is explosive, fresh, raw and definitely full of FURY!.

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Austin, TX. - USA


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Paramour Records